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CNN’s John King on the Race of America

CNN's John King on the Race of America

TUCKER CARLSON: Open race hate forms much of MSNBC’s substance. It’s one of the reasons that MSNBC, once a shining beacon of balance and objectivity, has evolved into the 24-hour rants of the right wing, particularly when the subject is Obama.

This morning, when I had to interrupt MSNBC’s John King on his way to a show, I wanted to ask him about what he’d read. But I couldn’t because the entire network had gone right into this issue of race. There was no break on the air for me to interrupt without losing all of my credibility.

KING: The question comes up in every single article written in the last month on this subject. If you listen to what we’re saying now, it is so clear the story about Barack Obama’s race and his candidacy is nothing but what you just described, race hate, right?

CARLSON: Oh, yeah.

KING: This race hate. It’s just like you said, this race hate on an ideological level.

CARLSON: Right. Absolutely.

KING: This race hate is a powerful force in American race relations. And it’s also a force for some of our most important public figures.

CARLSON: Oh, they’re on the wrong side of this race hate. John McCain and others on the right have given us all a glimpse of the future. It’s just as bad as it was when we had the war criminal, Ronald Reagan, with his race hate. And they’re out there, it’s just a different kind of hate now.

They want to make the issue about race.

KING: Why would you read something if you didn’t necessarily agree with it?

CARLSON: But you’ve got a lot of very interesting comments from people saying, I’m not just saying black. All these stories that have come out in a serious way about Obama that are clearly racial, and one is in a very real sense race-based on the fact that they are trying to connect with African American voters in a way that has not been successful in the past, that they are trying to bring them into the conversation and they are using race as part of the conversation.

KING: So, on the issue of race, John, what does CNN have to say about this issue?

CARLSON: Well, the fact is, this issue of race has been an issue that CNN has been dealing with

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