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The U.S. P.O. is a Democrat

The U.S. P.O. is a Democrat

Letters to the Editor: Why are paid signature gatherers even legal?

Why are paid signature gatherers even legal?

Editor’s Note: This letter is based on the article by Larry McKelvey and Susanne F. Miller in the Feb. 19, 1994 edition of The (Portsmouth, Ohio) News, “Paid signature gatherers.” It has been printed in the past. The letter was written as a continuation of the letter written to the editor of that same edition of The News.

We have seen no change in the law regarding paid signature gatherers. This is a topic that does not belong on a regular paper. It is an issue that can easily be settled by the legislature rather than the courts. Our bill will eliminate the practice for which we have petitioned.

We would like to take the time to thank Mr. McKelvey of Portsmouth for his articles, The News, and the paper we have published. We appreciate it.

The Portsmouth (Ohio) Herald, Feb. 12, 1994

“Hobby,” not “hobby-shop.”

I am not a lawyer. I am a retired postal worker who was a union electrician. Because I did not live in the US I cannot take the argument of the U.S. Post Office to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Labor Standards. However, I do have the right to stand with the U.S. P.O. on this issue.

I can also speak on my own time. I am a retired electrician. I am a member of a large union. I voted in 1976 for Ronald Reagan and in 1980 for George Bush. I was proud to be a Democrat in 1981.

In 1978 I retired as a general-service employee, rather than a signer, at the Portsmouth post office. I took a couple of courses in Electrical Construction at The Portsmouth (Ohio) Municipal College. One of my

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