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Twitter’s fourth-largest outage in a week

Twitter's fourth-largest outage in a week

Twitter’s data center knocked out by extreme heat in California

Twitter on Tuesday experienced the fourth-largest outages for its users in an average week, according to a report from Internet measurement firm Net Marker.

The outage was caused by a major hardware failure at Twitter’s data center in Northern California and has put the company in a difficult situation.

According to Net Marker’s report, Twitter has had seven outages in the past three weeks, all in the last week.

“The issue was exacerbated by the intense heat during the day this week,” the report said. “The heat also contributed to Twitter’s third largest outage in April.”

The Twitter outage appeared to be isolated to the company’s northern California data center. The outage lasted about 24 hours.

According to Net Marker, Twitter’s outages were caused by failures in the network that power four Internet exchange points. The company has shut down the affected regions for maintenance.

After posting the outage, Twitter tweeted this statement: “The Twitter outage was caused by a failure in one of our infrastructure, and it has resolved. Outage information will be updated when we have more information to share.”

However, Twitter later tweeted that the outage has put its operations “very much in jeopardy.”

“Our data centers are being hit by this extreme heat and we have to make tough choices about where we focus on getting our systems back up and moving,” the tweet said. “We continue to work closely with our provider to resolve this issue.

“We’ll have more to share on this once we have more information, but the bottom line right now we’re in a tough situation. And, of course, we’re working to provide solutions for customers who are experiencing trouble.”

The outage has affected Twitter’s users in all five regions where it has data centers.

Twitter’s data centers have been hit by multiple issues in recent months, which has caused it to lose customer trust among employees and has caused many to leave.

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