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Black Friday Deals for Travelers

Black Friday Deals for Travelers

Sizing Up This Year’s Batch of Black Friday Travel Deals

The travel industry is becoming increasingly competitive at a time when travel destinations look to capitalize on a global surge in disposable income and the rise of online travel purchasing.

So, with the holiday season getting under way, companies are launching deep-discounted packages to entice more buyers and entice travelers to act responsibly and spend time in their local economy instead of online shopping.

“Black Friday is all about making travel packages the most affordable,” said Andrew Stoltz, associate director of the Travel Industry Association. “With the growing digital divide between east and west coast travel markets and the ever-changing travel ecosystem, travel companies are starting to pay more attention to the fact that we need to build relationships with as many people as possible.”

This year is no exception as the travel industry experiences an overall growth of about 4.4 percent annually, according to the Association of Global Travel Management (AGTM). Also helping drive growth is the trend being driven by mobile devices to make traveling easy and convenient, allowing individuals to easily find and book flights and hotels directly from their mobile phone or online browser.

Here are five deals that you can look out for online this year for travel with the added convenience that comes with mobile applications:

Jetblue: Jetblue has been one of the most aggressive Black Friday Travel Deals this year, pushing a great deal on last minute flights and other discounted travel deals to travelers.

Jetblue is offering 10 percent off flights in North America and a free flight voucher to Florida when they sell out this year.

Budget: This year, the budget airline carrier, AirTran, will offer 25 percent off a select number of flights for travel through midnight on Black Friday.

Renaissance: Renaissance has been offering 15 percent off flights on Black Friday from San Francisco and San Diego, California, through the end of October. has added a new

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