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Carly Simon: ‘I am filled with sorrow’

Carly Simon: 'I am filled with sorrow'

Carly Simon’s sisters die one day apart after battles with cancer: ‘I am filled with sorrow’

Carly Simon: ‘I am filled with sorrow’

Carly Simon has opened up about her sisters’ battle with cancer and how their deaths have changed her family.

The iconic songstress, best known for her work with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, spoke candidly about the disease and its impact after one of her sisters passed away.

Simon, 56, said: “When I lost my sister, I became an alcoholic, I was depressed, I was alone.

“She was diagnosed in 1992, so that’s 17 years ago. You’re just dealing with the emotional aftermath of a tragedy.”

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In 2003, her older sister, Kathleen Simon, died of a sudden heart attack aged 55, but had suffered a series of other health problems. She died just 10 months after her sister, who she had a close relationship with, died in December 1999.

The singer has suffered from three bouts of cancer – a skin cancer, cervical cancer and a glioblastoma tumour – and a recurrence of the cervical cancer. Doctors believed her cancer was caught early.

In 2010, a third sister, Melissa Simon, who was not on the scene during these battles with health issues, passed away aged 57 after a long battle with a brain tumour. She was a mother of five children.

In November 2014, a fourth sister, Amy Simon, died of cancer aged 36.

Speaking to the Times, she said: “I think I would have to live with myself, I know I would. You try to change the past, but I don’t think you can. You try to find comfort from your memories. But it’s difficult to be a happy person with a memory like this that makes you sad and fills you with sorrow.

“And it’s not the only thing that fills you with sorrow. I have to go

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