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Gareth Bale is Taking One Last Step to Spurs

Gareth Bale is Taking One Last Step to Spurs

At the World Cup, Gareth Bale and Wales Embrace the Games of a Lifetime

This summer is going to be an important one for Gareth Bale – and for Gareth Bale and his family.

The most well-known person in the world is about to make a major impact on two people with a passion for life: his teenage daughter, Ella, who he looks after, and his son, Arthur, who he looks after and loves to give his all.

That this week, he’s taking one last big step, signing a three-year professional contract with Tottenham Hotspur – and he’s doing it with one of Wales’ most inspirational individuals.

The two things are completely intertwined, and that’s why it means so much.

“Dad loves football and he’s in the position he’s in and he’s had this incredible story of success,” Arthur said. “He’s been in the team and he’s had a good career, but he wants to achieve even more. He needs to take a few more steps in the right direction to achieve everything he’s set out to achieve.”

Gareth’s dream to be there on the pitch has never been more achievable, and it has given him the encouragement and support to make the change to England. He has come up with the biggest reason he could think of for signing with Spurs and now he’s living it.

“We have always been united and have always supported each other,” Arthur said. “He wanted to go back to Wales so he wanted to give back to the country but to do something that he’s wanted his whole life and to do something that will make him different, he needed to see this with me and Ella too. It’s something he needed to do for himself.”

In the last few weeks, Gareth has been to the United States to spend some time with his girlfriend, Meera Syal.

“I met this beautiful girl over the summer,” Gareth Bale said. “We went out and spent time together, just the two of us. We had the greatest time, and to think that she’s the one that’s going to be my wife and that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together? I couldn’t be

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