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Lord’s Tavern in the East Village

Lord’s Tavern in the East Village

How the Dame Owners Decorated Their New Restaurant, Lord’s Tavern

Since our first post about the new restaurant in the East Village (and, ahem, the last post before that one), we thought we’d take a little tour. So on Monday night, we went over there. It’s called Lord’s Tavern, and not only is it a cool thing, but so is the owner, Alex Scali, and his wife, Amanda, and their two kids.

The first thing you notice is how clean it is. We arrived on a night when the sun came out, and the inside and the outside looked great. We were told by their marketing manager that it cost $300,000 to redo the inside and $250,000 to have the outside painted red, black, and white. This is amazing (although we’re not sure how they could do that). They also did the entire building first. All the metal panels are new, and are painted in white and gray. The wood trim is also all new. The flooring is new, the tables have been installed, and the booths are in place. If there are things that could be better, they’ll be fixed later (the patio needs a new awning and the bathrooms need a new marble-type floor).

The decor is a little unusual. Alex is Italian, and they’ve painted many of the walls black and white, in a sort of art-deco sort of aesthetic. To us, it looks like they’re doing something with space age, or a movie about the golden age of jazz. On the walls, you get to see large murals that take up about a third of the walls. There’s a painting above the bar on one wall, done by their brother, an artist. On the other side of the room, which we’ll discuss below, there was a huge mural

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