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“Glee” is a lot more than a dance contest

"Glee" is a lot more than a dance contest

Johnny Knoxville, Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer — the fun never stops at ‘Reboot’

What’s not to love about Reboot, the reality series on the network that has turned into the TV equivalent of the “Dancing with the Stars” for late-night shows?

It’s all about the music (and the dancing to “Reboot”), and it’s “an old-fashioned show” in the traditional sense, not the streaming-video sense.

And it’s a lot more than a dance contest, which may explain a bit of the controversy surrounding a season that has been criticized by former contestants and show officials as a “makeover show,” a “pop-culture sausage fest” and “a dance-off between the cast of ‘Glee’ and the cast of ‘Jersey Shore.'”

And it’s just a little bit more than the latest episode in a series that has been on the air continuously for three seasons.

Last month, the series was on a roll when it debuted a little over a year ago to the shock of ABC and especially of the critics: The host (and former “Idol” contestant) was a 21-year-old “Glee” star, the winner of the first “Idol” season, the winner of the first “Glee” season and the winner of the first “Dancing with the Stars” season, a man who is now known as one of the best dancers in the United States.

In the next episode, “Reboot” will introduce another popular “Glee” alum — 20-year-old singer/songwriter/producer Jennifer Hudson, who will be competing in the category as a “breakout star” and who will appear on a weeklong “Glee”-inspired episode on May 7. ABC has yet to announce the season’s theme or cast, but the network said it is planning on having “thousands of dancers.”

When he was a contestant on “Idol,” Knoxville had the good fortune to know the young boy as his partner and to judge him, for his part, to be the best judge ever.

When she was a contestant on “Glee,” Greer is known as a dancer, dancer, dancer, which is what she always was when she was a contestant.

And when she debuted on “Dancing with the

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