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House Oversight Committee Hearing: Pelosi’s surveillance cameras are not monitored

House Oversight Committee Hearing: Pelosi's surveillance cameras are not monitored

Security cameras for the Pelosi home weren’t ‘actively monitored,’ Capitol Police admit at hearing. Full report from K-RINN TV:

NANCY PELOSI’S home in Washington, DC, is protected by a surveillance camera system that she herself is said to be aware of, according to the house manager and a government contractor who testified at a House Oversight committee hearing on the security systems.

“We have a system in the back of the house that’s monitored,” the house manager told a congressional panel on Thursday. “It’s not actively monitored at all. There’s cameras everywhere, and these cameras are not turned on.”

“So someone could turn it on or off remotely?” Representative Michael Conaway (R-TX) asked.

“Yeah, but who’s watching the monitor? The owners,” the house manager replied.

The house manager continued:

“No one has to give approval to turn the camera on,” Representative John Mica (R-FL) testified at the hearing. “If they choose to, they have. We monitor everything.”

A spokesperson for the Secret Service confirmed to the Washington Post that there were no active surveillance cameras on the Pelosi residence, but that “the system in the house is monitored 24/7.”

In a separate statement to the Associated Press, the Secret Service said that it “does not comment on matters not under our jurisdiction.”

At Thursday’s hearing, Conaway described the surveillance cameras in the Pelosi home as merely “sensors” that feed into a “master surveillance system” that is overseen by Pelosi, as well as two other leaders in the House of Representatives and numerous staffers.

Conaway said that he was skeptical of Pelosi’s claim that the camera systems could be turned off by staffers.

“Did you make a note of any time when we did that?” he asked the house manager.

The house manager replied, “Oh, yes, there’s a lot of times.”

During the hearing, Conaway revealed that the camera systems have generated “overwhelming information” of activity in the Pelosi residence.


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