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Quentin Tarantino defends his screenplay, saying he never gave it to Kanye West

Quentin Tarantino defends his screenplay, saying he never gave it to Kanye West

Kanye West’s fallout continues, this time with Quentin Tarantino denying a claim that he gave a draft of his movie ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ to West before it came out.

The pair met at a Los Angeles art fair together in 2012, where West was asked about his collaboration with Tarantino and signed a contract with his film studio, which is set to release his sixth feature film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in 2017.

An earlier version of the story stated that Tarantino passed the screenplay to West, but Tarantino’s attorney John F. Klima told Variety that Tarantino did not, and that he was “sure” the screenplay was never passed to West when he was in Los Angeles during the 2012-13 period.

“To the best of our knowledge that was never done,” Klima said. “I think that’s a misstatement, and I don’t know why you would have it written that way because there was no actual script that Quentin Tarantino had with the collaboration with Kanye West that he passed on to Kanye. And I don’t believe that’s true at all.”

West then came to the defense of Tarantino, who has never publicly addressed the allegation that he passed on a film script.

“Well, I never did give him a screenplay,” West said at an awards show. “At the time, I was making my movie and I was just trying to build it up, so I didn’t even realize that was a part of it, because I just thought the script was just a piece of paper that I needed to put in my pocket so I could refer to it in the studio when we were making it, and I didn’t even know what it was until a week ago when I saw my agent call me, and say he found a copy of a screenplay that he had written.

“And I was like, ‘What the hell you talking about? I think I still have the script.’ And then I started writing it, and we ended up going through the entire movie in six weeks on this, which was incredible. So it was very exciting and I was very excited with it, but it wasn’t that exciting to me. And once we finish it, I’m gonna give Quentin’s lawyers a call and find out what’s going on.”

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