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The Backside of the Story

The Backside of the Story

David DePape’s dark journey from Obama backer to QAnon extremist accused in Pelosi attack is revealing the ugly underbelly of a political movement that is growing and growing every day.

By David DePape’s own admission, this is a very complicated story.

This is just the frontside of the story, as it were.

But first, let’s look at the frontside.

The frontside has been relatively well covered in mainstream outlets.

And, there are some really interesting findings there.

The Washington Post reports that:

Federally funded programs have been used to “groom” students for anti-Trump activism, recruit them to violent groups like Oath Keepers, and keep them out of school, according to interviews with government-favoring educators.

They found, for example, that:

Students who had attended a training offered by the Obama administration’s Department of Education on “social justice & anti-racism” were more likely to be on campus on Oct. 1, 2017, when violence erupted at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.

There is some evidence of this happening to black students.

Then, they report:

A year later, the Department of Education issued a report that found:

“Black students were more likely to attend anti-racism training programs, and more likely to receive training from anti-racism organizations, but were less likely to pursue post-secondary education,” according to the report.

They also found:

Black students were more likely to identify with the Black Lives Matter movement (though that movement has since largely renounced violence) and less likely to identify with the Democratic Party.

And this, from page 10:

“For some white students, there’s a greater tendency to identify with the Democratic Party,” she said. “We may think white student activists are the majority, but in fact a lot of white students still have a very strong interest in the status quo.”

Now, let’s take a look at the backside.

The only two pieces of evidence there are about black students, in terms of attending a training on “social justice &

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