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Armenta-Figueroa Shooting Suspect Charged with Two Charges of Capital Murder

Armenta-Figueroa Shooting Suspect Charged with Two Charges of Capital Murder

New Details Emerge About Colorado Shooting Suspect

UPDATE: Following an outpouring of local, national and international news coverage, authorities released a short video of Armenta-Figueroa shooting suspect, 18-year-old Patrick Frazee. The video features more dramatic and graphic details like a bloody machete and a child being shot after he apparently tried to intervene, as well as a police officer walking through the shooting, in which multiple shots were heard. The video did not contain a description of the suspect’s appearance, in the hopes of not furthering public panic and confusion.

UPDATE: Additional details continue to emerge about the shooting suspect, who was charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted first degree murder today, per a press conference held by Colorado State Patrol.

Police have released more video from today’s shooting in Armenta-Figueroa today, but a couple of additional details were released:

The suspect’s hair was reportedly dark brown and had “thick locks,” according to Armenta Police Chief Chris Miller. “He had brown eyes. He talked like he was Hispanic,” Miller said.

The suspect was carrying a “two-by-four folding baseball bat.” Miller added that his description of the incident mirrors that of the video released by police earlier that day.

At this point, there is no information about the suspect’s prior criminal history.

UPDATE: Two more individuals have been charged with capital murder in the Armenta shooting, with the third being released on bail after posting $100,000 personal surety.

The three suspects are said to have driven to Armenta to kill a man identified only as “Eric.” Police say one of the three is being considered a person of interest in the case. The third is being considered a person of interest by the FBI.

Investigators have said that the attack started when the suspect shot at “Eric” with a small-caliber handgun, causing him to run a short distance before being shot by the suspect.

Police say they believe there is a fourth person involved in the shooting, but

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