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The Community’s Help to Save Our Community

The Community’s Help to Save Our Community

After fears of new Hemet fire dangers, Tropical Storm Kay aids huge increase in containment as it nears Pacific Ocean

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve reached a crucial point in the battle with a new threat to the community of Hemet: Tropical Storm Kay.

A hurricane of sorts that we’ve been fighting for over a year now, our recent battle with the deadly fire in our historic Rizo Ranch neighborhood was nothing short of a miracle. While the tragedy has been hard on our friends and families, it is a victory for Hemet. The property was insured, and the firefighters who fought the blaze knew that they were under pressure from insurance. Their response to protect the lives and homes of the community was just what we needed to win this fight.

As we saw the damage from the fire and the aftermath, we knew that we were in for a much different battle with this storm. We also knew that we were going to need our community’s help to save lives. This is why we had been seeking the community’s input on our plan to use the community’s resources to provide relief for the area. It was a long battle, but the community at large turned out in numbers that will never be forgotten.

While there were some tense moments, there were also a myriad of positive moments that I will never forget – like the time I found out after reading a report that the “City of Hemet” wanted to turn off the water to save water. I was told that while it was a short term effort, the city officials were committed to a long term effort to prevent this from happening again.

When residents from the City of Hemet got together and formed a volunteer committee to help us build up our stormwater plan, and then, to help us secure funding to pay for it, we were overwhelmed with the support from people from all over the community. The community’s efforts to fund the project was a key to the success of our relief efforts. We will not forget that.

The community’s commitment and help has been truly amazing. It has been a long time coming, but our prayers have been answered

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