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The Day I Let Go of Kanye West

The Day I Let Go of Kanye West

Everyone is cutting ties with Kanye West. For church leaders, it’s not that simple. The rapper’s support in the “Jesus Movement” is being challenged by other Christian leaders who are questioning his status as an ambassador for God.

And the more, the better.

The day finally came for me to let go of Kanye West. It was a Saturday night. After spending about twenty minutes walking around the neighborhood and getting lost, I finally found my building. As I made my way to the elevator, I encountered another person who seemed to be lost. As I walked to the lobby, this person greeted me with a smile.

I introduced myself, and the person introduced himself as Pastor Kevin, a man who I’d never met before, but I had walked with him a couple times in the past. I asked if he needed a ride to the office. Without hesitation, he called four other people, and he walked into the office of Pastor Mark. I got off at the second floor.

I then took the elevator back down to the lobby. I was standing there with my hands in my pockets, wondering what was going to happen to me next. I was very confused. I’d just walked into a meeting with Kanye West, and he’d said that he was praying for us. Was this all just some type of bizarre coincidence?

After about a half an hour of wondering, I was walking back to the elevator. I asked to go back to the lobby, and in walked Pastor Mark. I asked him where he was going, and he said he had to go back to his office. I told him that he shouldn’t go back to his office, and I asked him to take me back to his office.

As we made our way to his office, I took a photo of Pastor Mark with another man. I told this man that I was at Pastor Mark’s office to meet a pastor who had read a statement that he wanted to hand out.

In the photo, I can clearly see Kanye West�

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