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The Letter to Eric Garcetti

The Letter to Eric Garcetti

Obama endorses Karen Bass for L.A. mayor’s seat by mail

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Here is the full text of Karen Bass’ letter endorsing Los Angeles mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti, who is currently running unopposed.

March 16, 2015: LA TIMES

Dear Eric Garcetti,

I am writing this letter to you and to the citizens of Los Angeles with the hope that you will be the next Mayor of Los Angeles. You are in a position to help create the city that is best for all our children.

If elected you will be the leader who will create jobs, reduce poverty, solve the housing crisis, and keep our streets safe. I do not know you, your family or your views, but I know that you have the strength and vision to create a new vision for our city.

I am writing today because you are running for the mayor’s seat right now. You are the only candidate who can unify the city, create a better school system, and bring a sense of hope to neighborhoods and families across Los Angeles.

I am proud to endorse you.

Your supporters, like my own, will be motivated to get to the polls on June 5. They will find it easy to do so because of the great candidates they have chosen throughout the country.

I hope you will ask all three Republican state Assembly members to join the Los Angeles City Council’s endorsement of you. Their support will send a clear message that our citizens agree with what we need to do to fix the city and improve quality of life for all our children.

I also thank former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for his support of you. He made a compelling argument that the work of fixing the city is far from over.

Our city needs a real discussion about what kind of city we need to be, and you and your supporters can lead us in that discussion.

The city will thrive as long as the people of Los Angeles are committed to its future. There is no higher priority than creating a city that is a place for families to share and grow and live their lives.

We must change the way government serves the people it serves. We need open and accessible government so that people can do the job we want them to do and not be afraid that the government is going to take their money

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