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Twitter is in the middle of a major environmental catastrophe

Twitter is in the middle of a major environmental catastrophe

Rainn Wilson changes his Twitter name — sort of — for climate change ‘stunt’

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To The Editor:

“I’m going to take a little break from Twitter.”

Twitter is a newish social media site that has grown to become a big part of the global conversation. This past weekend, Twitter announced that it had passed 3.7 billion users and was growing at a record pace. People have been using Twitter to find out what’s going on with their friends, with the most popular topics being news and sports.

But now Twitter is facing a potential issue that could result in users deleting the account or the ability to tweet.

Twitter has found itself in the middle of the biggest environmental catastrophe in the history of the planet. It has a large base of users; according to the company, it has more than 3.7 billion users worldwide and it is increasing in popularity every day.

But the social media site is also, according to its website, “a platform for news, information, discussion, and curation.”

If one person is to delete their Twitter account, that person would not be able to make a point about the issue that is going on. There is a clear and present danger out there for Twitter, but as is often the case, no one seems to be thinking about how this could happen.

In the meantime, the world is being destroyed. Scientists are being forced to use what should have been their own words when making assertions about climate change, something they are quite capable of doing. What does this mean for the social media giant?

When users delete their accounts, they are not telling Twitter that they “want to delete their account”. Deleted accounts are only deleted permanently once users have logged into Twitter to find the account is there again.

Now, that is an interesting loophole. Twitter users could delete accounts without logging into the site at all, something that would be fine if

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