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I’m Not Happy. It Was Not a Good Time for Him.

I’m Not Happy. It Was Not a Good Time for Him.

Tiny Love Stories: ‘I Broke Your Heart, You Broke My Rib’

Sometimes I meet people and I don’t want to hang out after our first coffee date because their eyes are telling me something. And it’s usually a negative something. They’re kind of looking right through me, not sure what to say about me. And then I get the answer from The Universe: you’re in love. And it’s not a good thing.

The Universe’s answer was not a happy one.

For those of you who don’t know me, you probably remember the last time I wasn’t happy. It was a couple years ago, and I went through a major depression. It was dark, it was lonely and it was not a good time for me. And so when we met, I was not happy. It was not a good time for him, either.

I had already lost my job. It was the same job that I had been working at for the last 30 years. And I had been at that job for over 30 years. I had worked my ass off because I was passionate about the type of food I worked in. I really loved that you could have a nice meal and then you could eat it again at night. That was cool. And then a new owner came and, instead of just hiring more chefs, he hired a bunch of ‘bad actors’ to help manage his new restaurant. They made me a horrible offer that I probably wouldn’t have taken. I wasn’t going to work a job that was bad for my health. I was going to work. I was going to be there working. I was going to go to that job every day without fail because that was what I was made to do. And so I was devastated.

We had the same manager. He was a jerk. He would say stuff like, “Oh, there’s going to be no food

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