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Karen Bates quits for Manchester United

Karen Bates quits for Manchester United

World’s only openly gay active pro footballer is concerned for LGBTQ community ahead of Qatar 2022 event

Kenny Dalglish has been forced to quit football, claiming he could no longer handle the ‘hatred’ he had found in his life since coming out – but he is still going strong

The former Northern Ireland international and former Sunderland and Celtic goalkeeper has made headlines for his outspokenness on race relations and his support for LGBT rights

He is gay and openly supports the LGBTQ community despite believing the country has a bad record on gay rights

He has been in the headlines for being outspoken on subjects relating to race and LGBT rights

But despite his strong opinions on issues, he has continued to play, despite having lost his place for this season

The 45-year-old has also made his support for LGBT rights known by coming out as gay

He has had to leave football in order to be able to concentrate on his life after coming out as gay.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kenny Dalglish said: ‘I have lost my confidence because of the hatred and the attacks in my life for being an out gay man. Being an openly gay man made things difficult for me.

‘It has made my relationship and my social life difficult. It has caused my family a lot of problems. I cannot believe the hatred I have to battle. It is unbelievable how people in my family have never accepted me for who I am.


Karen Bates has quit Manchester United and is close to joining Manchester City, despite being offered the chance to become the club’s next director of football and manager.

The former England Under-18s captain and Millwall defender told The Sun: ‘When I first heard that City were interested I was excited. But the chances of me moving there will also be slim.

‘I know there is a lot of potential with City and I hope they make the next step. But I don’t think I can help them.

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