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The Government Is a Tool Used by White People to Keep Certain Blacks From Getting What They Want

The Government Is a Tool Used by White People to Keep Certain Blacks From Getting What They Want

Guerrero: Affirmative action cases aren’t about ending discrimination. Their goal is white supremacy. A great case is that of Sherrard v. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

I think that we are making such a big deal about this case. The main reason that it was brought was so that the state Department of Justice would have a little political influence, so that they could go after the county. This is what happens when the government does something for the good of the people, not for its own good, but for the good of the people.

What we are talking about here is not Affirmative Action, but the use of the government, which has certain powers, to take actions on behalf of certain people. Of course this is done to keep certain people in certain classes, so that they can be exploited.

I don’t think that the government should be allowed to do that, or to use its power to keep someone from getting something that he wants.

I’m against Affirmative Action. But when one looks into the issue, what is really happening is that the government is keeping certain people in certain classes (people who are not white) because some people think that it is better to do so.

The government is a tool used by some white people to keep certain blacks from getting what they want and to keep certain other minorities out of certain jobs.

When the federal government takes action on Affirmative Action, it is doing those white people’s bidding.

If the government wants to have a national affirmative action plan, I would like to see what the problem is so that we can see how to solve it.

Now, there has been times when the government has taken action that has been contrary to the will of the people. What we have gotten to is such a time that the people are against the government and the government will do nothing until the people get together again and tell the government to do what the people want it to do

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