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No More Lawn Care: Chainsaw Grass

No More Lawn Care: Chainsaw Grass

Letters to the Editor: Let your lawn die, but don’t plant natives just yet

This is the season when the city government’s lawn care department offers a free service called “No More Lawn Care.”

They’ll do it by giving neighbors what they want: a lush green lawn.

We’ve lost that concept here.

We need help on a lawn the city’s lawn care department doesn’t serve.

The city’s “No More Lawn Care” program is an extension of the city’s “No More Lawns” campaign, which was launched more than a decade ago.

The program, which now includes more than 300 lawns, says the city will offer a free service by cutting the grass with a chainsaw instead of mowing it like this year’s residents.

We think it’s a worthy cause.

The city should make it a legal obligation, with a sign on the lawn that says: “No More Lawn Care: Chainsaw Grass.”

The city should also send letters to all those who have asked for this “service.”

The city should make it a public service.

I’m also asking the mayor and the city council to require residents to replace lawnmowers with mowers that are mowing the grass as fast as the blades can turn.

This would be a tremendous help.

Now, I’m just a guy in my backyard.

I just want to be able to cut the grass with a chainsaw, or a weed whacker, and leave the blades on the grass and the grass clippings on the ground.

I’ve never wanted a perfect lawn of mowed lawns, of a perfectly trimmed lawn.

But I like keeping lawns as good as they can be and I’d like to save my own house from a fire hazard.

If we all start to put grass clippings on the ground, we’re going to have a fire hazard.

We’re not going to get any more perfect grass clippings or, even, perfect lawns.

We have to have a healthy lawn.

Lawns are not going to die if you don’t change your mind.

Let’s try to

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