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I’m a UUA Member and I’m a UUA Member

I'm a UUA Member and I'm a UUA Member

Letters to the Editor: Think voting is easy? Talk to students and service workers

I love all the efforts that go into the election and all the thought that goes into the election.

I have been a UUA member for a long time and all the work we do in our local churches and the work we do with the community at our schools. My belief is people want to see how they can make a difference.

I have a good faith belief that when we vote for someone we want to send an actual human being to Washington, D.C. We want the message we send when we go to the polls to be one of love, concern, and kindness for our neighbors, families and ourselves.

I think voters should ask themselves if they have had time to make a difference in their community. If you’ve got something to say you’ve got to speak up. If you’ve got something to offer, you’ve got to show up, not just talk a good game.

To me, that’s what it is all about. As a business owner, I’d love to be involved in our local government. But if you’re a farmer, rancher or business owner, I understand.

If you’re a service worker, tell us how we can improve services in our community. If you’re a high school teacher, tell us how we can do our job better. Don’t speak to us as if we’re not there to do our jobs and tell us how we can do our job better.

Do we want better schools, better facilities, better teachers, better textbooks, better support for our youth? Don’t stand in front of our schools and look them in the eye and tell them we have to do something.

We all want to see each other better. We all want to see our neighborhoods better. We all want to have better schools that students can enjoy and feel pride in.

It is the responsibility, the privilege, and the honor of every resident to shape our community.

If you don’t want to serve a community and instead want to go downtown to shop for the latest and greatest, think about this: You’ll not see a car pulling out of your driveway, you’ll not see a family walking back

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